CSW v2.5 Randomly stops working

Hey guys, I've been running v345 drivers with firmware 662/22. Only had my CSW v2.5 with CSL Elite P1 for a month and recently it's started randomly disconnecting mid race. When it happens the red light turns to green as if it's changed to xbox mode. It's then essentially frozen and I can't reset it without disconnecting the power cable. I've turned off USB power saving settings in windows 10 because I read that might be cause but it's still doing it. It's a very random sort of issue and seems impossible to replicate as I haven't found a way to trigger it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    Please contact the support team.
  • Adam - Sounds very similar to what I was experiencing, before I separated my rim and wheel, and found a broken pin.  Might be worth carefully unscrewing and removing your P1 rim from the base, and making sure no pins are left behind in the "base" piece.

    If you do find a broken pin, do you find you can't power off the base when the rim is disconnected?  It's very odd, but while I can turn the base on with the power button, I can't turn it back off since finding the broken pin.

    Meantime, I contacted support Sunday 6pm PST time, but haven't received an email back by 3pm PST Tuesday.  I'm probably just annoyed that my 8 month old wheel is "dead" until something is done... but the waiting is brutal, and when I considered getting the McLaren rim as the most affordable F1 rim option, a buddy noted they are sold out till 11/30/19.

    Some days you just can't win, huh?  And I was REALLY getting better at F1 2019 when my setup died.  :(
  • I pulled my wheel off yesterday and the pins are all good. I found a certain car in Assetto Cords that had quite heavy FFB and it would consistently cause the issue at random but usually within a couple of minutes of driving. I downgraded from the Beta 345 drivers and 662/22 firmware back to 328 drivers and 628/18 firmware and managed to drive for over 40 minutes without an issue. I'm hoping this was something to do with that driver/firmware combo.
  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    Hi Adam, that's a strange one. I recommend that you contact support.
  • Hi all, I'm having the exact same issue here with my CSW 2.5 and CSL Elite P1. I too have been unable to identify a pattern in the occurrence of the issue, but have determined that it is not game-specific, does not matter which USB port or USB cable I use, and occurs regardless of which driver/firmware package I install from the Fanatec website. My setup has seen less than 10 hours use in total, and the issue has persisted since I got it. I have also contacted support directly, and also haven't heard back yet. I also checked the pins on both my wheel and wheelbase, and can confirm that they are all securely attached and straight. I'm really hoping that this is a software issue, and so far the symptoms seem to suggest that, but I would sincerely appreciate some advice here as soon as possible. Thanks

  • I'm having this this issue with my CSL elite and P1 wheel also. All pins are fine. It seems to happen mid-corner when everything is loaded up. Has anyone else heard ANYTHING from support?

  • Hi all,

    I have had my csw 2.5 and CSL elite P1 for less then 2 weeks now and started to have these same issues today. Hope to hear if anyone has a solution for this.

  • Having the same issue with CSW V2.5 and CSL Elite wheel. Tried removing and reinstalling drivers, different USB ports, checked wheel pins, etc. No luck.

  • Anyone having luck finding out what the problem is and a fix for it? I am having the same exact issues. CSW v2.5 and P1 rim.

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