ClubSport Pedals V3 remove treadplate (plate where you rest your feet on)

Anyone having experience removing the treadplate (plate where you rest your feet on) of the ClubSport Pedals V3? I need to dismount this plate in order to be able to mount the pedal set to my wheelstand. Tried to remove the 3 red screws at the front, but 2 of them are tightened that strong, I will surely damage them if I use more strength. Probably I'm doing something wrong, maybe I need to remove the single philips screw at the back first? Any advice welcome.


  • I've removed mine a number of times. There's nothing else to loosen other than those three red bolts.

  • there is nothing else you have to remove - just these 3 red screws. But be VERY careful as these red screws are made of butter and you can easily make them round if you are not careful enough.. If they are too strong I would not take the risk to make them lose but ask the Fanatec support for help..
  • Please contact Fanatec Support. Maybe lubrication will help, but at least Support should know about this issue before attempting this. 
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    The Wheel Stand Pro pdf instructions I found on line, are incorrect. Already contacted them on this.

    The Wheel Stand Pro video instructions  show how it exactly should be done.

    Fanatec manual says all red screws need to stay untouched.

    I mounted the pedals to the wheel stand with the screws buttom up and at the pedals site ended with a nut, so you don't have to remove the treadplate at all.

    Thanks for all responses!
  • I would still recommend contacting Fanatec Support about the stuck screws for them to make a note, because if you ever really need to remove the plate and the pedals are out of warranty, it will be be a lot more hassle.
  • Frank , Put some force on the screws and tap the foot plate close to the screw you are taking out with a large screw driver handle or a small hammer , keep the pressure on the screw and keep tapping on the foot plate next the screw . It will come loose !
  • The screws are made from aluminum with center-punched socket, so yes, they are much softer than steel 🤕. Also, because they are aluminum they take less torque to tighten (but grab much quicker/stronger than steel). Mine were the same way at first, but I removed them with a "tight fitting" metric hex driver (one my original bolts actually had a visibly smaller socket that the other two...had to modify a bit to get it even fit) and a impact wrench set on low (amazing what a bunch of little rapid taps will do!) 😓. Reinstalled with aluminum "anti-seize" no further issues removing or replacing. I was needing to cleanly mount to an 8020 member with button head bolt and retainer.

  • i stripped one of the heads, it's absolutely terrible considering the price of these pedals

  • Yep, I striped two of mine... I've tried several different extractor tools to remove the two and purchased just normal M6.1 x 12mm to replace them... The color was nice and all but, fucks sake they are really in there... I gave up for now... back to racing

  • Just got my pedals today after 2 months wait. Striped 2 screws INSTANTLY wtf.

  • Actually not an issue because you don't need to remove them. Probably would be better to just not make then out of soft metal and make them functional anyway because it's a screw... people are going to try to remove it at some point for some reason.

  • Just received the kit. I want to remove the rest plate to mount the pedals onto my 8020. Removing the plate would allow me to screw the 8mm directly onto my 8020. Removed 2 screws. The last one doesnt move... I insisted a bit and it fell into pieces.. I guess it had to be either red or solid.. Could not be both. Very strange for a 350 USD kit to be defeated by low quality screws. This doesn't breath solidity to me.

  • Same here: two of my scews decided to screw me over.. I've manage to bolt it to my rig, but the two screw point under the tray are loose.

    What are our solution, at this point?

  • so I’ve just damaged two of the screws on the tread plate. No thread left in the hex head. Please guys can someone advise how to remove them? I have to remove them to get them off my rig unfortunately! Should I buy a screw extractor tool? Desperate here guys.... thanks in advance!!

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    I just went through this.

    This worked on 1 of the 2 that were stuck, thank you!

    Unfortunately, this is where I ended up on the remaining screw. I carefully drilled out the butter screw, starting with a 1/8" bit (3mm), and then sized up to a 5/32" (4mm) bit. With the first two screws out, just a small pull on the otherwise unattached heel plate snapped the head off, and I was able to wind the remaining thread out with a pair of needle-nose pliers. I have ordered m6x12mm stainless bolts, which won't be red, but will be a lot stronger for future use. For the next few days, I'll be counting on the two remaining bolts to hold things together until their relief shows up.

    Thanks everyone for the useful info!

  • Same story with a different origin; Apparently I don't understand physics...

    I successfully removed the footrest, bolted the pedals onto my rig, and replaced to footrest. I had to reposition the pedals slightly, so I removed the pedals from the rig, and, so as not to lose any parts, I replaced the footrest, and hand tightened the screws (inserted the hex wrench, and "spun" the wrench between my thumb and forefinger until the screw resisted). I CANNOT REMOVE ANY OF THE SCREWS AGAIN!

    Literally had them out, put them back in "finger tight", and now I can't remove them with the proper tool (albeit, the wrench in starting to show signs of damage (AFTER the "incident"))...

    Perhaps someone can explain how that's possible?

  • I've had the footrest off twice so far on my V3 pedals. One of the things I noticed when working on this area was that the angle/torque on the footrest itself made a massive difference in how easily each screw would thread. The second time I had it apart, I had to gently apply pressure to the footrest in different ways to easily loosen two of the screws. So if you haven't tried that already, give the plate a little wiggle-- sometimes that will unbind the screws and allow them to turn more easily.

  • Just to add to this thread. I have just had exactly the same problem. Need to take the footrest off to mount to my rig. The first red screw was fine, the second one a bit tougher and managed to get it off without stripping, but the third is now completely stripped and now I can’t seem to get it off. Now I’m worried that it’s completely unusable - anyone with same issue who managed to get them out, unfortunately I have very limited access to DIY tools.

  • You need to Drill it out or send it back to Fanatec under warranty.

  • Fair enough. Really gutted that it has led to this point. I don’t really have access to the right equipment to drill it out, and besides I’d be scared to further damage the footplate / pedals.

    As a new Fanatec customer and having waited so long for the products / tried to be so careful when configuring the pedals and accessories (BPK and damper), just disappointed that I may have to go through the rigmarole of sending them back for the sake of a single Allen bolt / screw.

  • Just got my pedals yesterday and had the same issue. Was so gentle and first one came out without too much problem but the middle one pretty much sheared with less pressure than the first one. Sure they look nice being red but come on Fanatec these should not be made of such soft metal.

  • Really Really disappointed in my first Fanatec product.

    I used the exact correct hex key and was very careful. Two screws came off easily, the middle red one stripped right out.

    Tried drilling it out like another member here, but I was less lucky. Even with the whole middle of the screw drilled out, the edges are permanently in the outer threads. An easy out kit had no impact and at this point the threads are mangled.

    Seriously, who thought this design made sense and who torqued them SOOO tight. A part you have to take off to mount directly to my 8020 frame, and removing the screws is totally destructive. Simply not acceptable at this price point in my opinion.

  • I had the same issue this week with my brandnew Clubsport v3 pedal set. Had no chance to take out the left screw and I completely stripped it.

    So I went to a friend of mine yesterday and we first considered to drill the screw out. But then we had a much bether idea with a minimized risk to dammage something like the outer threads in the frame.

    And this is how we made it quite easy:

    1. We wrapped almost the whole pedal set in plastic foil, to avoid little metal parts from drilling to get to the pedal sensors or somewhere else where you don't want to have them. You can also use a towel or something else that is suitable for covering.

    2. We put some tape on the heel plate around the stripped screw to have a little protection from scratches.

    3. Then we drilled a litle bit into the screw on the right and left side of the stripped area. (See the attached images)

    4. After we thougt we got deep enough, we just could use a big flat screw driver to screw out the stripped screw. It was quite hard to unscrew, beyond any sense.

    To be considered:

    - use a drill that is big enough, that you can use that relatively big flat screw driver.

    - drill deep enough, but be careful not

    to drill through the screw. You can do it in several careful attempts with checks how deep you are.

    For me this was the perfect and safest way and was done in a few minutes. I hope this helps someone else.

    If you don't have the tools, or you don't feel skilled enough, just friendly ask in a garage or a craftsman workshop / company if they can help you. Usually people will like to help, especially if it's such a little thing like this. For a pro this will take just a short moment and probably you wont be even charged. In this case, be fair and give a few bucks for a coffee or a beer. So you don't need to ship your new pedals around and you can get quickly back to race.


  • I've had the same issue yesterday. To mount the pedals on my 4080 rig, I had to unmount the plate first.

    So despite being really careful with the screws, I went to a point where the one in the middle was basically fully rounded and impossible to remove by conventional means.

    Here is what I did :

    • Slowly drilled with a brass bit #3 directly into the screw. It's soft like butter so you can be careful enough and cause no damage to the plate.
    • Then, once the bit has penetrated into the screw, you can reverse the drilling. Eventually the screw will come out with the bit.

    In my case it went sufficiently out so I just had to unscrew it with a plier.

    Now I'm replacing the orignal red ones with some simple solid inox M6 x12mm. No regrets.

    Hope this helps someone

  • Anyone know the size of the bigger side screws?

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