PC Version of F1 2020

When I ordered my Fanatec gear a few weeks ago the PC version of F1 2020 was sound out. As a result, I ordered the xBox version since it was basically free. I have not plans to play the xBox version. Do you think there is any way to switch to a PC version from Fanatec or Codemasters? If the xBox version a download code? If so, do people sell download codes?


  • It's a download code, yes. But it's not possible to change your order.

  • Thank you for the confirmation. Maybe I will be able to see the code and recover a few bucks.

  • Hey I don’t know if you still have this code coming. I have a code for the pc I ordered as there were no xbox ones in stock when I ordered my wheel. The came back in stock the next day which was frustrating. If your code is a uk or eu copy. I would be interested in swapping codes if you are? Let me know if you are. No worries if not.

  • Thank you for the offer Jason. Unfortunately, I am getting a US version. If there is anyone in the US that want to swap an xbox and pc version of the game, let me know.

  • Hi guys I got pc version for Europe 15 digit, and I have no idea what platform I can download from. Idea was to play with my mate together, he have Xbox and I got pc. Can I get any info what platform is pc f1 2020 deluxe sch edition?

  • On steam is only 2020 f1 an available from 10.07

    Do u know if I can play from stem platform with people from Microsoft?

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