ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5

yesterday my new Shifter arrived and during mounting i detected that 4 M6 Screws are necessary to mount that thing on my "NextLevelRacing" Seat. In the Package there were some other Screws to mount that Shifter on other Devices but on mine it was not possible also with the Seat there were some additional Screws but 1 was missing. In that moment i was not that happy but it was not dramatical ;)

Anyway when i buy a Product like this from a Company like YOU for 260€ excl. shipping, in my opinion its part of duty to deliver that 4 Screws in 15 mm and maybe longer version within this Product!? Yes/No or is there a special reason why this cant be added?

Maybe you think about this what would be the best for Customer Experience



  • So you bought a rennsport, awesome how is it,did you get the sparco seat too? oh wait, you said Next-level Racing? Your post should be directed at NExT Level Racing. there are less bases for sale then rigs, so clearly they are at fault for not providing the screws which you desire.
  • congratulations on completing a solid rig for slamming them gears though, you're gonna love that part, sorry some screws a handful of loose change can fix has you down though!
  • thanks for your sarcasm, maybe you understood me in a wrong way, its all good, i just leave my personal opinion, maybe it help others in future, who knows.
    i was just wondering why they do not deliver 4 additional screws when they deliver some tiny ones with mounting brackets for some other Rigs? They drilled holes and so i think 4 more screws should be included in that price of 260€.

  • I was actually wondering why they done have the mounting screws included but after some research I discovered its because the bottom mounting screw are a precise depth and fanatec can not predict what material you'll be mounting it to. For instance the screws you probably used would be far too short for my application as I'm mounting on top of 3/4" plywood. So its basically either they include the screws and some people complain because they don't work or don't include them and let the customer go out and buy the mounting hardware for $5.

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