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Has anyone physically been to the repair address in Bangalow? It is only a 20 minute drive from my house so I thought I would drop the stuff off myself. Admittedly it's a Saturday so I waited until after 10am, but there is nothing there that is not whole foods or rural equipment. There are 6 units in the complex but the address I was given was just number 6 with no unit number.


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    Hi Todd. I've dropped stuff off directly to Peter in Bangalow. He runs the whole foods place and only does Fanatec repairs part time, so he won't be there today. I'd advise you call ahead on a weekday to arrange a drop off time with him. Whatever you do, you'll still need to go through the normal RMA procedure before any repair will actually get done.

    Further tip, if you do drop stuff off to the whole foods place, when you drive in to the industrial estate, you go all the way to the end of the place and his business is in the very last building on the right . It's a single storey shed with a little office at the front left.

  • Awesome man, thanks so much.

  • Hi hoping you can help. I need to RMA a fanatec product. Getting ready to post my base but would like to call Peter beforehand to confirm they are receiving items in NSW atm and whether I can send via auspost signature service. It's a dd1 and am really worried given the value.

  • Hi all, does anyone have a contact number for peter?

  • Anyone??

    I just sent some stuff to him, I may need to drop some more and am heading that way

  • Were can I get my fanatec dd pro repaired in Brisbane.

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