ClubSports Pedals V3 Throttle Vibration on F1 2019 PS4

Makoto UnnoMakoto Unno Member
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I’m playing F1 2019 PS4. When I first played it with podium racing wheel and csp v3 then csp v3 throttle vibration surely worked. I was a little surprised with this fact because I didn’t know any information that cps v3’s throttle vibration worked on ps4. I only know brake vibration may work. However I certainly felt vibration from my throttle while playing F1 2019 on PS4. After that when I play it second Time the throttle vibration never works.

Does anybody knows how to solve this problem?


  • Makoto UnnoMakoto Unno Member
    edited June 2020

    I found a thread above and it explains how to make two rumbles work fine without TC and ABS, but I couldn't solve it even though I followed the demo in the thread. When my pedals's throttle rumble worked fine, TC and ABS was disabled, I'm not sure if brake ramble works fine, because my brake calibration was not enough to reach max force at that time and only throttle rumble was vibrating while I push throttle.

    At the present time my rumbles only work with TC and ABS.

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