It seems like i've tried everything repeatedly to get some contact with fanatec support to get something started in terms of a refund. But alas it seems either their support is either so backed up I wont get a reply for years or they are just knowingly ignoring my emails.

It's been over 20 days now since i first started trying to get a refund and its becoming ridiculous, i don't want to contact my bank because i believe that fanatec will do the right thing but the lack of contact hasn't made me feel any better.

For background i had ordered a fanatec bundle, specifically CSL Elite F1® Set. Due to my inexperience with the website i accidentally ordered using the payment method of bank transfer, this would be fine but as i am also inexperienced with bank transfers I made the mistake of sending the money but also cancelling the order after i thought the money had not been sent, due to the money not being shown as being sent for a day or two after the bank transfer. I have made sure that it wasn't a mistake on my end sending the money to a different account.

I have gone past the stage of being mad or frustrated i just want a respone, that's it, just something saying that they know about it and they at least have someone looking at it. I want to be apart of the fanatec family but they somehow make it so difficult.


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