Probable problem with the load cell of the CSL Elite pedal

Good morning, I have a problem with the brake pedal (a CSL Elite purchased on 3 Jan) which if pressed 100% does not even reach 40% of its maximum strength. I have tested on different simulators and on different PCs with the respective Driver, but in any case I got the same result. I came to think that the problem was the sensor that measures the pressure, perhaps defective or damaged. Has anyone else had the same problem and can you advise me what to do? Thanks in advance for the help


  • A load cell brake is based on pressure applied, not position of the pedal. Do you have it mounted to a cockpit where you can apply proper forces? The pedal can take 90KG of pressure.

  • Yes, I have an SRC position, if I press with all my strength until the end of the race from the Fanatec control panel it marks a maximum braking of 40%, as if it did not record all the pressure

  • Kevin ThierryKevin Thierry Member
    edited July 2020

    Did you enable manual mode/calibration? I think it's normal, I could only press my V3's up to around 30%.

    If you're not in manual mode you can adjust the resistance slider from 0 to 100 and see if that helps.

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