I made a purchase of a handbrake and shifter about a week ago and payed using bank transfer, I did not know there were other options. I have not received a payment confirmation and I cannot get any answer from email or FB. I would like to cancel my order as I am extremely uncomfortable with the whole process, even when cancelling there is no acknowledgement, email, nothing!


  • Are you suggesting this is a scam? I saw on other posts after I posted mine that Dominic was helping some people, I assume he is a representative of Fanatec?

  • @James if you have requested a refund on the site, I have every expectation you will receive it very quickly. The ability to contact support is lacking, and products are very slow to ship for many people, and the dates are misleading/wrong quite often, but there is no scam happening. When you eventually get your products, they are of excellent quality and you will be very satisfied. Ryan seems to be very upset with whatever has happened to him and has posted similar info on nearly all the active threads.

    They don't have any automated emails for payment confirmation, but Dom can probably confirm for you if you haven't cancelled already. Dom does work at Fanatec.

  • Thankyou Jeffrey, I could sense he is a little disgruntled. I appreciate your assurance, these are certainly strange times. I have cancelled (i hope) and perhaps I may reorder in the future. I have to say the ordering process is like no other I have encountered, probably room for a bit of improvement. I will hang tight for a day or so before pursuing with my bank.

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    Ok, something has now changed on my orders. The total has been removed although the postage is still there. The order process has disappeared. I am assuming the refund is in process and will take a certain time to refund to my bank account?

    I am sure Fanatec and customers are aware but I feel it is unfair to automatically default to bank transfer for payment methods when there are other payment methods available which only really become clear once the order has been placed and in my case paid.

  • Order no.1103907

    If there is anybody from Fanatec reading these forums could you please refund my money.

  • That is what a refund looks like in my experience. You should have your money soon.

  • Still nothing. I tried to phone but there is a continuous loop or get cut off. This is really worrying.

  • Can you check with your bank as well. If it was via credit (happened to me on Amazon) there might be a possibility that they are waiting 2-3 weeks that the seller will not come back and claim it.

  • I have checked with my bank. The money has gone out but nothing refunded, it was paid with an Ibac transfer. I am told by my bank they cannot get the money back as I approved the transfer.

    In all honesty this appears criminal.

  • I don't think we are talking about criminal or else in the thousands of orders would have collected a billion Euro and then disappear.

    Try sending a PM to Dominic (the community manager) and he might be able to bring your issue to the sales teams that are a bit swamped at the moment with the one problem after the other.

  • I have sent a PM to Dominic today asking for his help. My bank have advised me to contact the Police, obviously this is a bit extreme. I have some empathy towards Fanatec and hope this all down to immense pressure, but I can’t afford to just throw money away.

  • I have been partially refunded today, that is a result. Unfortunately the refund was £20 short, I have no idea why. This is still far better than losing £400.

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    Is that from the bank statement or from your account?

    Usually on the account automatically shows something for restocking fee but you get the full refund.

    Unless if is by a bank transfer then the 20 quid might be the bank charges that is kept from one bank to the other.

    Check with the bank. 🙄

  • Bank charges are entirely possible. Chalk it up to experience, still not one bit of contact from Fanatec.

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