Brake pedal not functioning

I just recieved the CSL elite throttle and brake pedal.. with the clubsport adapter. Throttle functions as advertised, brake pedal NO INPUT NO OUTPUT!


  • Psql .Psql . Member

    You did not pinch the cable during assembly?

  • no.. I did not pinch the wires.. just verified by physicly opening them up to inspect.. no cold solder joints...

    No pinched wires..

  • It acts as though the brake pedal is not plugged in.. but.. it is

  • and I cannot find a FANATEC customer support anywhere. disheartening

  • Psql .Psql . Member

    Go to your account and then the menu “My Products” normally all your bought items are there with a support button behind the products.

    If the wires are ok maybe a defective pcb.

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