Help...with photos.

Hey guys, my throttle was was like my car if it were real needed the fuel injectors cleaning (side note and irony I have a real race car with that problem and it follows is around). Anyway, took my csl elite pedals about an found picture below. Do I just need the $20 sensor replacement? It doesn't look like the same part but can't see what else it would be. I'm talking about this part...

Thanks sincerely.


  • You can also reach out to support, send off your pedals for repair (or warranty service, if they are still under warranty). Would need to start that to see how much it would cost compared to just getting new.

  • Psql .Psql . Member

    For €10 Ex. Shipping you can get a new Potentiometer that includes the plastic housing and cable.

    But you need to contact support to get it. It’s not on the site.

  • Arh thanks so much for the help guys. Yeah I looked at club sport instead but I have a playseat f1 and like to left foot brake, so I was advised by fanatec these would be better. Thanks for help

  • The second link you provided would be for a brake pedal. The potentiometer in the first pic is your problem most likely. Unfortunately, you will always experience this problem at some point since the physical connection wears out over time.

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