Fanatec DD2 Wheelbase oscillation & shaking on straights and while driving slow e.g. in pit

Hi guys,

first of all i have only had the dd2 wheelbase for a week, so i am quite inexperienced when it comes to the settings.

In ACC I have very strong oscillations in the steering wheel on straight or even when driving slowly (I cannot keep the steering wheel steady or straight).

Does anyone have a tip on how to fix this?


Fanatec DD2 Wheelbase

Fanatec Formula V2 Wheel

Fanatec V3 pedals

PC Driver: 356

Wheelbase firmware: 670

Wheelbase Motor Firmware: 38

Steering wheel firmware: 28

Fanalap settings:

SEN: Auto

FF: 50

LIN: Off

NDP: 25

NFR: 0

NIN: 10

INT: 4

FEI: 80

FOR: 100

SPR: 0

DPR: 50

ABS: Off

SHO: 100

BRF: 40

MPS: Const

ACC Settings:

Gain 60

Minimum Force 0

Dynamic Damping 0

Road Effects 0

Frequency 333hz

Thank you for your help! :)


  • That's normal in ACC, if it bothers you then increase NDP or NFR

  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I just updated to PC driver 365. I am currently using your Fanalap setups for ACC, I will increase NDP or NFR there. Can't i use dynamic FFB to avoid oscillations and shaking?

  • Same problem here. Whats the best solution?

  • I have the same problem with my DD1 and the game is undrivable...In other games like AC and AMS2 it works perfectly fine.

    Any ideas?

  • Had the same problem with driver 361 which give the best driving feel, I had to update to 373 & play with settings in game & wheel to try get close to a good feel

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