ACC - Ps4: Podium Button Module Endurance .. info or problem

Hy Guys

I'm Fabio frome Rome - Italy

I'm sorry for my English, I hope you understand me well.

I bought a Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 for my Podium Racing f1 DD PS4

So.. the wheel works well and correctly (with the last diver software V365) but I can't use theese commands on any PS4 games (F1 2019, Pc2.. and ACC):

- left and right Toggle Switches

- both 12 multi position switches

In particular For ACC PS4 I thought everything worked perfectly considering also that inside the game there was a sponsor image of this steering wheel.

So.. can you help me if it is a my problem or theese switches are not compatible with ps4 games… because it looks like they don't exist on ps4

Thanks to all



  • Hi Fabio,

    I receive the Wheel today and I tested it in ACC: Exactly the same problem as you: Everything fine (fantastic Wheel in fact…) except Toggles and 12 position switches are not working and not mappable.

    I tested the Wheel on PC and theses buttons are working good and are recognized: The problem is probably on the PS4.

    I had the same problem with the F1 Wheel and after some weeks they made an update (I think that it was the PS4 that had to make this update not Fanatec…) and every buttons are working just fine and mappable in ACC (the problem is not the game)

    Maybe it's the same "PS4 update" problem or maybe Fanatec can do something…

    Jean-Luc from Switzerland

  • In the manual it says "game specific" so it may be ACC doesnt support the function.

    I have the Formula V2 wheel and in the manual the multi position switches aren't listed to have a function on PS4. I'm guessing they are the same switches.

    Have you tried using the tuning menu to change them to a encoder? Then every time you turn them left/right they only send one button instead of 12 different ones and you maybe can use them to increase/decrease TC as an endless encoder for example.

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