Simracing Backpain

Hi all,

I'm using a simlab GT1 Evo and a bimarco furio bucket seat. I've spent nearly a week trying to set up a good enough position to sit and drive and not get crippling back pain after 5 or 10 minutes. No matter what I adjust, I sit down, do 1 or 2 laps and boom! I have to quit and stand up. The pain is right in the center of my back and remains for 20 mins after I quit. I'm beginning to associate sim racing with back pain.

I realize that actual racing seats aren't ideal but if a driver can sit in one for 90 minutes, why can't I? I've watched videos on sim chassis and seat posture and attempted to emulate but to no avail.

Has anyone gone to through the same horrors and found a solution (preferably one that doesn't involve swapping seats)? The seat is actually initially very comfy and I've made sure it contacts my entire back. I've also raised it try to lower my knees below my posterior or at least in line (which is crucial apparently) and made sure I'm not over reaching to pedals, etc.


  • What about adding a lumbar cushion? I was uncomfortable in my F-GT, but I removed the upper cushion and put a thicker lumbar cushion in its place. I feel much better now.

    Also, physical fitness could be a big part of it. Do you have strong core/abs/back muscles? Doing core exercises could make you able to withstand the position.

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    Yeah I've tried loads of lumber things. From small at the base of my spine to large that run from the base to mid back. I cut trees which is hugely labour intensive and it's all upper body work so I'm fairly robust up top. Sitting in that position is turning me into a gibbering child though. Part of me wonders if I'm unused to sitting up so straight but it could be a mixture of wrong positions.

  • It seems part of the key is to force the rear end to the back of the seat rather than just sitting in and relaxing. I can now drive for 40 minutes without my spine shattering. Still twinges though...

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    Try lowering the rear mount holes, raise the front and use a couchin for your lower biceps so your legs (before the knees) are supported and not hanging.

  • Done, done and done! The pain has decreased significantly (but not altogether gone). Ive lowered the front pedal tray height as low as possible as well. May have to adjust the wheel up, down, backward or forward. I can hot lap (as hot as I can manage anyway) indefinitely now with only a slight twinge creeping in. It's getting there. It could be that it has changed my posture and I just have to get used to it.

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