Fanatec dd1 f1 v2 wheel and Heusinkveld Sprint - dont work


Long time Forzafan who gave up controller and xbox - went iracing on pc.

But, misses friend in Forzacommunities and wanted to race again. But it dont work at all with my setup.

When im ingame, mapping wheel/pedals, I cant choose the fanatec setup i got. Hesinkveld dont show eighter, but that i was expecting. But mapping dont work at all. I try to set fanatec v2.5 and then try to map pedals. But when i press the input i want to change, it just blinks and become x1 or something.

I hav uninstalled - redownloaded and installed the game 3 times, same everytime. I tried to find som Forza savefiles on my pc, and delete those too - but guess my "settings" are saved to the cloud, so i cant really do a clean install.

anyone know how to fix? anyone get dd1 as an option i forza 7? - or how to do clean install



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