question for clubsport v3 pedal owners: do the pedals lift from the ground if not attached to floor?

Hi, I'm looking to get my first Fanatec setup.

I won't be able to mount the pedals, they will be on a wood floor under my desk.

Is anyone else using these like this? Do they stay put or does the front of the pedal base raise up in the air when you push on the break pedal?

(note I'm not too worried about them moving around, I can put them on the floor close to a wall and just put something behind them to keep them from pushing away from me, but if the front lifts up, every time I hit the brakes, that'd be an issue for me)


  • Jack


  • Hello,

    They will move especially when you press the brake. I guess will not be hard to bolt them on a wide wood plank.

  • I am ok if they slide around on the floor, the big question is if the front of the unit will lift up if I push on the brake pedal.

    I see that the pedals have these extenders that bring the pedal forward, I'm thinking I would not use those, so that the angle of force is lower.

    I'm also happy to put the break at a lower resistance setting if that helps.

  • If you are not able to mount them somehow, I would not recommend getting a load cell brake, like in the v3s

  • They can lift slightly, enough to distract you. mine wasnt perfectly flat.

  • Thanks, for better or worse I'm going to try them out - a friend has the CSL pedals and says they definitely rise up in front.

    I'm hoping if I remove the break extender, and remove as much tension from it as possible that I'll be able to push it down without raising it up. I'll know if a few days!

  • To close this out...

    Clubsport V3 pedals are working great - I use the stock metal pedal faces without the risers, and have the break set to the minimum stiffness.

    Yes, If I try I can lift the front of the unit by jamming on the break, but in two hours of use, it's only happened once.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see that after two hours of use, it hadn't moved on my wood floors and in fact the rubber seemed to 'stick' a bit when I went to move it.

    So in summary, I think the clubsport V3s are likely a little better than the CSL for users who aren't able to mount either to a rig or piece of wood, etc..

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