Replacement Load Cell

I have been waiting on a load cell replacement for my V3is for over 3 weeks. I wanted to try to fix it myself thinking it would take less time and cost everyone less money. But at 3 weeks with no communication, I could have just sent them back. At this point, I just want to return them. They have about 2 hours on them. I ordered them in April but haven't been able to use them because of the load cell. I have probably spent 10+ hours trying to fix or find a solution.

Fanatec Support

Fri, Jun 19, 4:11 AM

to me

Dear Bradley,

thank you very much for your reply. We will send out to you a new load cell, as soon as possible. If the issue still there, please inform me.

Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


(Fanatec Support Team)


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  • Wish someone would help me having the same issue. Brake load cell not working in software. Night before it was showing all over the place in the software then the next day it showed nothing no matter what i did.

  • Hi Chris

    I have got the same problem. My new V3 pedals worked for about four hours and now the Load Cell appears to have failed. I have exactly the same symptoms as [email protected] . Have sent you a support request - would be great if you can send out new load cells ASAP as my Simulator is sitting idle as a result. Pretty disappointing. Thanks Jon

  • Just finished swapping out my old Logitech equipment with the podium f1 for PS4, shifter, handbrake, a NASCAR wheel with the universal hub, and the v3 pedals. A lot of cash spent. V3 brakes are now stuck at 100%. Load cell is definitely the issue. I raced on a road course using brakes of course and now there just stuck on. Changed games, brakes immediately on. Every game on PS4 the same, brakes stuck. Switched to pc and ran wheel properties and brake isn’t functioning at all. I can’t believe that this failed after less than an hour of use, totally unacceptable. Getting ready to file a dispute with PayPal and return everything. I am so stressed ver how much money I have spent to not be able to race. Not to mention the time and effort to switch everything out, and now the hours of troubleshooting. It is absolutely a load cell failure, a brand new load cell. I am not waiting weeks for a new one. If that’s the case, fanatec get ready to write me a big refund check.

  • Hello,

    How can i buy a replacement load ceel for my V3 pedals?

    Thank you

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