Issues setting minimum maximum using software

I have downloaded the latest software and i'm getting two devices showing in the dialogue box " CSL Elite PS4" or something similar, the settings page opens up but there's no adjustment parameters " minimum" or "maximum" , i was told to take out the RJ cable but that made no difference. Help! 😔


  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    there is a box to check to turn off automatic calibration, once checked the max-min tabs appear.

    i missed it to as its a small box/text line in the mid page.

  • That box wasn't visible for me, but are you supposed to disconnect the USB from Base to PS4 and then run it from base to PC ?

  • The checkbox only is available when you have the pedals connected to the base directly through the RJ12 cable. Make sure to NOT use RJ and USB at the same time.

    Correct connection is shown in the Quick Guide. Pedals via RJ12 to Base, Base via USB to PC or PS4.

  • Brian CoeBrian Coe Member
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    So i currently have my set up as

    CSL Elite base to PS4 - USB

    Pedals to base - RJ

    So to run the software on my PC do i need to disconnect the rj cable completely from pedals and base, then connect the USB that goes to my PS4 into the PC from the base ?

    If that's the case iv'e already done that.

  • if you are updating thru bootloader mode yes,usb only to pedals.

    if u are using on ps4 u shouldn't have to do this at all.

    ps4 auto calibrates, whether you set min-max is only applicable on pc.

    what are you trying to fix?

    i use my system on ps4 exclusively and this shouldn't be something u have to do unless u have a bigger issue to diagnose.

  • Brian CoeBrian Coe Member
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    What I'm attempting to do is set minimum and maximum inputs on the brakes if it's needed, and I know that the brake pedal needed minimum setting because when resting my foot the brake lights come on, so last night i tried again leaving the Pedals connected to PS4 via RJ and just connected the USB to PC and ran the Fanatec software clicked the check box to manually adjust and the settings were there apart from the max setting on the brake ( see pic) so I adjusted the minimum on the brake to create a dead zone so my foot can now rest on my Brake pedal, for the maximum setting I used the BRF settings on the wheel in conjunction with the reading on the software so now it's set perfectly but I don't get why maximum adjustment wasn't on the software , any clue ? I'm guessing I adjusted it the correct way in the end.

    As for PS4 Automatically calibrating it can't do it I wouldn't have to adjust the minimum.


  • i have the same resting pedal issue from time to to time on gt sport and have had handbrake issues on dirt rally and was directed to do this too. However it didn't help, i just unplugged and plugged them back in last night for gt sport and the same for the handbrake till it reads right.

    those min max levels to my knowledge don't do any outside of using them as a standalone set on a pc.

  • Yes you're right it makes no difference on GTS after all that, it's a shame that setting couldn't be implemented on the game to get the most out of Fanatec hardware.

  • preaching to the choir, hopefully this will change moving forward after Tokyo. Although I have been having these implementation issues forever, from my csl elite to now. s.o.s., except i payed more and twice,but i wouldn't have these issues with pc use.🤦‍♂️

    my brother has the identical system and only uses it for iracing and no issues .

  • but seriously, it was wierd and i only noticed after the issue i was having with dirt rally .

    with my foot off the pedal the abs light flickers and the input reports a hair of brake, i disconnected the rj12 from the back and it seemed fine there after.

  • yo, i think there is a bug in the current ps4 firmware, this is happening on wreckfest too.

    in the input report it reads brake input, i unplug and plug them back in and its fine.

    its like the base is not properly reading anything plugged into my base, until i disconnect it and reconnect it.

  • Iv'e not experienced that issue, but the recent update for GTS 1.50 do you know what it means ?

    "Other Improvements and Adjustments

    - The regenerative braking control of the 'Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo' has been adjusted;

    - The deadzone for the throttle and brake pedals while driving using a Fanatec® steering wheel controller has been increased;

    - The force feedback caused by understeering while driving using a Fanatec® steering wheel controller has been adjusted;

    - Various other issues have been addressed."

  • It seems manual calibration of Accel and clutch can be done via wheel base, not sure if this includes brake too, i'll try it and let you know, it's at 6.4 of the CSL base manual

  • I have 2 sets of Fanatec pedals and neither have the set min/Max options even with the latest drivers :( these are older pedals (CSR Elite and CSPv1) but why should that matter? The driver is the latest and these pedals could benefit from being able to set min/Max also!

    Why doea Fanatec drop fundamental support for older products?

  • Antonio HornAntonio Horn Member
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    Hey guys,

    im missing the min/max button options using windows10 settings too!

    I have the CSP V3 connected via RJ12 to my DD1 base and the base is connected via USB to my PS5.

    Do i need to connect the V3’s directly via USB to my PC to adjust min/max (or at least have that option)?!

    I suffer the “resting foot on paddle and having a bit of brake force applied syndrome” in ACC on PS5!

    any help is much appreciated!!

  • I hooked up the V3’s directly to the PC and manual mode became available!

    Set up my pedals with min max value and off I go racing again! :)

    Have a nice weekend y’all!

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