Clubsport V3 Pedal Vibration Test Function

Right now I am unsure if this is the best spot to post this, or if it is better suited for the driver side.

Anyway, recently I was just doing some small checks and changes to calibrations of my wheel and pedals and just wanted to make sure everything was working properly. However, when I press "Test Rumble" on either my brake or throttle there is no response from any of the rumble motors. The only vibration I do get is when I press the brake pedal past the pressure/position setting to initiate rumble.

Unsure if its just due to the software on the PC or not and that "Test" button not working. It just makes me nervous thinking that something else is wrong with my gear.

Thanks in advance.


  • my test rumble was also pretty feint when using the test rumble button. to the point that i actually had to press them with my hands and watch the motor weight spin. in game though, they are a lot stronger (especially throttle) but subtle.

  • I don't know if there is a solution to the above problem? I've just bought new ClubSport V3 pedals and neither the brake or the accelerator pedal rumble works.

    I've checked the cables and there are is no damage to them.

    They're plugged into the little white ports on the board under the pedal plate.

    They move freely by hand

    The testing was done using the Fanatec Wheel Property Page. It's not that they're feint, they're not moving at all.

  • What driver are you on? What base do you have? The rumble is controlled from the base firmware OR the Fanatec SDK from within a game.

    I updated to driver 365 because those motors were always ON in Assetto Corsa Competizione PS4. With driver 365 they are not ON anymore but within the PC driver they do not work when tested. The Vibration Test for the rumble in the grips DOES work on my rims that support that. Ingame however, the brake rumble does work. Throttle not so much. I suspect it has been removed from the driver so it does not work under the SHO settings. The brake rumble now works under the Fanatec SDK within the game.

    Anyone from Fanatec correct me if I am wrong...

  • the test rumble buttons don't work for me either - also v365. I was worried that the motors were broken but it seems to be the firmware - the motors are working fine

  • I had to turn BLI OFF in the settings menu. After that the test function works. Ingame you have to test if BLI should be OFF or at a level. In Project Cars 2 it should be OFF. The brake and throttle rumble works like before. F1 2019: OFF. ACC: at a level or they will rumble constantly.

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