Clubsport v3 clutch pedal rod

Hi all,

Just got my clubsport pedal and base set, and I have a couple of niggles that I want to check out, in case this is abnormal (I'll make a separate post in the wheelbase part for that issue).

The rod that links my clutch to the pedal face is slightly unscrewed and you can see some of the thread. It also grinds a litttle when it touches the rubberised block. Is this something that's meant to be adjustable? Or is this potentially a faulty rod.

I've attached a picture to better explain what I mean.


  • What kind of question is that supposed to be? If you think it's wrong then just screw the rod in further.

  • Sorry, I should have added, I've tried screwing it in and it doesn't seem to move, but I do know that out of the factory, Fanatec do tend to have quite over-tight screws. So I suppose I'm checking that I'm not going to do any damage if I try to force it.

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    Looks like jammer nut or opposite thread nut lock used to lock in place the rod when you adjust the position of the pedal.

    Usully you loose the nut, turn the rod depending on the position of the pedal you want, then keep the rod steady and you tight the nut against the bottom so it keeps the rod in place and not go loose due to vibration.

    If it is so then no need to worry about it.

    Sorry I cannot describe it better 😢.

    If I find a video explaining better about the concept I will post it. 😇

    Similar to the go-kart steering rods method when you adjusting the toe. (again not sure if that helps).

  • Thanks Alexandros. That does make sense. Unfortunately no amount of movement is shifting either the bolt or the nuts. So either way, it's pretty secure, so I think I might just leave it.

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