Clubsport V3 Pedal Vibration in game

Hello, just setup my Clubsport V3 pedals following the PDF file found on the site. I completed setup with downloading latest drivers, installing them, rebooting, then finally testing the "FANATEC ClubSport Pedals V3" in Game Controllers. I verified travel of all three pedals. I verified Brake and Throttle rumble. Everything great! Woot. So into my only race sim I own, Assetto Corsa Competizione (future owner of the F1 2020 game as soon as they ship it). I check that I have the brake, clutch, and throttle mapped to this new controller, and things work great. However, in game vibration is missing. No matter how flatspotted my wheels get with all of the test lockups. Or how many power drifts I do, I don't get rumble on either throttle or brake. Can someone help me out to getting this setup/fixed?


  • The game doesn't support this natively, you need Fanaleds or FanaLab or other tools for this

  • Why isn't these things in the manual! LOL

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    Can someone from Fanatec please walk me thru exactly what is needed beyond the driver that will make this work natively? (really, this should be in the manual!)

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    It can't work natively when the game doesn't support this. Nothing which is missing in the manual because there is no setting in the driver which would magically make it work.

    You need third party tools to get vibration working, you should watch some YouTube videos.

  • I watch YouTube all the time., how ever there is nothing on it at all.

  • You can set brake lock (abs) by setting ABS to 98 or so on the actual rim settings.

    it works nice (or should do). Automobilista 2 allows both brake lock AND wheel spin and it feels amazing. Ìve tried forcing wheel spin for ACC through fanalab and it doesn't work. It's greyed out. worse still, it also stops wheel lock. If you are using fanalab, the only way to get wheel lock to work in ACC is to uninstall it meaning you lose gear change led's. I play in VR so it's a no brainer but if you need those led's, its a real trade off.

  • ooh, yeah, also, leds and gear number works natively for automobilista 2 without Fanalab as well ......

  • I think F1 2020 supports vibration natively.

    I was downloaded and installed FanLab and enabled vibration there, then in game i found it is not working.

    As i will not use assist anymore and i'm still slow, i decide to turn abs and traction to do some compare. And surprise, vibration start to work.

    Then i uninstalled FanLab and vibration still works only with assists.

    I use pedals directly attached to usb and T300 wheel.

  • Anyone have a step by step guide for getting this to work? I am unfamiliar with the complexities of setting all of this up.

  • and I quote: "Vibration motor on brake pedal to simulate ABS and indicate locking tires Compatible to all games."

    However it is not compatible by what people are saying above. What gives Fanatec? How do I get it enabled in ACC?

  • Please turn your ABS on and see is it working ?

  • You are one of the lucky ones. In acc mi peddles rumble constantly both throttle and brake. Regardless of what Im doing and I have 3 friends with the exact same problem. I actually had to disconnect the rumble motors. But then I realised that assetto cords compitizioni is a pretty crap game compared to pc2 and f1 so I just deleted it. Problem solved

  • On or off, no vibration in game. f1 2020 game vibrates just fine.

  • Dominic have you tried uninstalling fanalab? All LEDs and gear/speed works plus abs pedal rumble.

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    What is fanalab? Does that get installed with the drivers? I just have pedals for the moment connected directly to the PC via USB. There is no wheelbase installed yet.

  • is the throttle motor adjustable as BLI is for brake?

    I play ACC and the throttle motor never works. I also tried test rumble on properties panel dd1 setup and any motor works, brake or throttle.

    I read that function is not working properly, I know my brake motor works because it can be controlled with BLI.

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