Simulation setup to mirror real-life pressures

Hello! I just setup the ClubSport v3 pedals onto my gaming rig, and I would love to simulate the correct amount of brake pressure needed for the following race car types:



It's nice having the ability to control the amount of force required for braking and throttle. With the supplied 2 types of stiffness springs and adjustment wheel on the brake, looking forward to simulating how much real pressure on throttle and brake!!


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    Unfortunately that will be not possible. You need another league of pedals to be able to simulate real forces required. The Fanatec’s are maybe able to simulate 1/4 of the forces needed especially for a F1 cars.

    I would say put in the firmest springs and the hardest bumpers to achieve how these pedals feel. But in the end you also need to like it and be consistent so play around a bot with different setups.

  • Install the 2 hardest springs, compress them as much as possible on the cell housing adjuster to take all the play out of the pedal, and set the sensitivity to 100 (or as "insensitive" as possible. That is about as close to realistic to a real race car as you are going to get, but you won't get close to an F1 car... maybe only 25% there.

    That is what i am running for GTE and FW31... you really have to press hard on the brake to get to 100% braking power, which will allow you to develop muscle memory for braking.

  • thank you

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