Issue discussion: throttle or clutch signal does not reach 100% or does not go back to 0%

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Symptoms description:
When the throttle or clutch pedal is pressed fully down, the signal as shown in the Fanatec Wheel Properties window first rises to 100%, but then quickly drops down again to ~80%. Another symptom could be that when releasing the pedal, the signal does not go to zero but a small input signal remains. Re-calibrating the pedals by unplugging en plugging them in again only temporarily solves the issue.

image  image

Possible causes and solutions:
1) The magnetic sensor on the side of the throttle pedal is dirty.
You can take off the sensor and gently clean off dirt and dust. Also make sure that the magnet in the pedal is clean. Magnet and sensor are indicated with red arrows in the picture below.
When putting the sensor back, be careful to not tighten the screws too much, as that can break the sensor PCB.


2) The Allen/hex screw holding the magnet bar is loose.
Tighten the black screw that holds the magnet bar, the screws are encircled in the picture below.


3) The USB/PS2 cable picks up interfering signals.
Make sure that the USB/PS2 cable isn't close to cables that emit strong magnetic fields, e.g. a computer power cable. If that does not solve the problem, try a replacement cable.

4) The pedal sensor PCB or the main PCB of the CSP is faulty.
If only one of the pedals (throttle or clutch) has a problem, you can switch the cables on the main PCB. If the problem switches to the other pedal in the Fanatec Wheel Properties window, then the pedal sensor PCB is broken. If the problem stays on the same pedal in the Fanatec Wheel Properties window, the CSP main PCB is broken. In these cases, contact Fanatec Support.

In the picture below of the main PCBA, the upper row of four connectors from left to right are for handbrake, clutch, brake and throttle.


5) One of the wires of the connector on the sensor PCB is loose.
A visual inspection of the connector should show whether one of the wires has come loose. Depending on the type of connector, you can try to re-fit the wire in the connector, or the sensor PCB needs to be replaced.

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