Load Cell Not working

I have submitted tickets and no reply. I heard this is the fastest way to get a reply. The night before the brake failure it was acting nuts in the software. Jumping all around from nothing to max brake and i wasn't touching the brake. The next day nothing. The gas and clutch working perfect but nothing on the brake. I took the load cell out and plugged it into the handbrake and it registered maybe 5 percent on the software but nothing more even when putting pressure on the load cell. I also plugged the gas and clutch into the brake slot and it would not read anything. Please let me know what i need to do. I am a disabled vet who can not work and sitting here doing nothing is driving me nuts. Plus losing points in my iracing league isn't fun either. Please and thank you for any help from the staff.


  • It’s called patience.......

    They will reply soon, I’m on load cell number 3, I recommend you buy two if you don’t like to be without your wheel.

  • I am most likely gonna get 2 and a board if possible. Stephen how much were the load cells ?

  • €25.00 Each Plus postage

    I currently have two on order but alas there is no stock. I’ve asked when and will post here once I know.

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