My real bad process with the RMA

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To anyone who has dealt with this and to anyone working for Fanatec, I am destroyed.

Being a Fanatec customer has not been a nice ride as I thought. I ordered a CSL ELITE F1 SET in April this year. The wheel was a fine working beast but later developed into constant problems with unresponding shifters and disconnection out of the blue. This happened over and over no matter what software version is installed on the whole set and no matter what game I play. So I came in talks with one guy at Fanatec who has been kind and I have proved to him what is going on and what the issue is on videos. There are zero damages to any cables, the wheelbase(CSL ELITE WHEELBASE- Licensed for Ps4) and the F1 Esports wheel. So then, we agreed to open up an RMA and me being on a mission to send back the entire product for a repair. But this week I got my whole package back and I really was surprised due to the fact it didnt have to be rushed in order for me to go back to the proper enjoyment in racing. But the biggest surprise came when I opened up the box, and found out everything I packed inside, came back home the same way it was sent. I just got so worried because neither was I given an explaination for what problem there was, what was wrong, didnt need to pay for the shipping except if the issue wasnt noted and if I wasnt following the instructions given to me by Fanatec on how to pack everything. Unfortunately I should have remembered that and I did apologize if I didnt do it right. But now after getting back to the wheel, problems with shifters happen still and in a quick sudden, a random disconnection happens again and then the wheel reconnects afterwards by itself. At some moments while driving, the buttons on the wheel, register a command by themselves during gameplay without me even pressing anything except the pedals. If you ask "are the problems with your USB-ports?" My PC is a gaming PC with no problems to any drivers and my PS4 also has zero problems too even with the USBs.

Dear Fanatec employees. are you really doing this? I really need to get this sorted out! If I do have an issue and I have shown videos to you about it, something must be done for once!!! Please.. and absolutely no hate in anyone but this is making suicidal thoughts growing on me since I spent over 700€ on this.

Thanks for reading this



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    Hi Nedim,

    I'm sorry to hear about this. I don't have access to all the information about this case, so I can't offer an explanation about what happened here, but I can see that you have sent a new message to the support team, which is the correct thing to do, and I am sure they will explain. Of course if anyone is unsatisfied with the service that our support department have provided, then they should continue to discuss it with them until the matter is resolved properly.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    You have the point and you explaination sounds honest which is important. But no solutions when I could show the problems I have without making anything up, is devastating. These are problems I never ever had with my G29 which I was willing to replace with your wheel. Have to write it like this because at first the wheel was the best thing I ever had and if you exclude the problems I experienced, this would be the best step to take in my love for racing gaming. But now when this happens, you feel like you have to give up

  • Was there an outcome for this?? I have the same problems starting with my F1 eSports wheel...

  • Can happily confirm after I received the wheel back again in August 2020, all the problems I had before have been erased and all is back under control as before. Only very minor things have happened since it has returned: button caps being loose so easily, the fans inside the CSL ELITE wheelbase make sometimes motorish sounds(disappear later on) and now the throttle tends to spike up sometimes. All and all, it is still a magnificent return to a fantastic experience with motorsport gaming at home. All under control now and nothing to complain about 😁 But I hope things will be fixed for you mate.

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