Bundles EU Region

Dear Fanatec Service,

It's been two weeks since the bundles are in trouble.

A) Exist a date for resolving the problem?

I would like to pre-order the CSL elite PS4 Starter Kit.

B) Exist another way to add the discount? (Coupon, offer code)

Best regards,

Hugo Castelo


  • Hello Again,

    I wanted to edit and I didn't find the button.

    Question A) It's Solved.

    Question B) No effect.

    I have other questions, I was going to place the order today, but I saw a lot of availability information.

    These images are from the Bundle CSL elite PS4 Starter Kit. ( It has three different availabilities.) What is the correct?

    If the item is sold out, will it be shipped on August 14th?

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