F1 2020 Pc problem with my fanatec wheel

Hi. I just bought the new formel 1 2020 game. Before that, ive played iracing and raceroom. On both games ive had problems with connecting my steeringwheel to the right angles. What i mean is when im going to drive, my wheel is wrong calibrated and spins 1 and a half lap to the right when im ingame. But i solved the problem and its working now on those games.

yesterday i bought f1 2020 and its the same problem, but this time i don’t know how to fix it. In the settings it says my wheel is right calibrated but as soon i go ingame, it turns quickly to the right about 1 and a half lap.

also, my steeringwheels name doesnt show Up in the settings on f1 so i choose another steeringwheels name.

my setup is

wheel: fanatec podium porsche 911 gt3 r leather.

Wheelbase: clubsport wheel base v2.5

pedals: fanatec clubsport v3 inverted


  • Hi. I am not really sure to understand what is your problem. I can tell you, you have to set your steering rotation to 360° to enjoy F1 2020 (and previous F1 games).

    The bad news i the podium porsche 911 is still not very well supported by the csw2.5 base (or previous CSW bases, or CSL bases), if my memories are right. Actually, only podium bases (DD1, DD2 and "playstation DD") are fully compatible with it.

    Lots of people are waiting for a firmware/software update that can make it work properly, but there are no planned release date for this.

    If you could try with another wheel on your base, maybe it could give you some answers.

  • Ok thanks, ill try!

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