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  • What Pedal Set do you have?

    ABS has been renamed to BLI (Brake Lever Indicator) with one of the last drivers, which suits the function better. This is only available when you've connected pedals with a vibration motor, like V3 or V3i, as far as I know.

  • Hello, @Dominic (mentions don't seem to work in Safari...).

    I have a CSL Elite + and a BMW M3 GT2 Wheel with the latest non-beta drivers as of the time of writing this post. When I'm running ACC on a PS4 Pro in the current version (as of writing), I don't get any FFB (or wheel motors) reactions when I go over curbs, loose traction, lock up or when ABS is enabled. I'm also running the settings suggested in this thread.

    Are these known issues? How can I fix them? Thanks :)!

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    Hey guys,

    is there any update on the recommended settings when playing ACC on a PS5 due to more fps available?!

    I’m talking about the FF on a Podium F1, which, in my case, is currently set the way the op describes it.

    Happy Easter, you racing bunnies!

  • Using the new 431 driver, on the new auto set up feature, will my DD1 connected to a PS5 detect that its playing ACC and push the correct settings, or will it use the 'default' settings?

    "New "Auto Setup" which is the factory default for P DD, CSL DD, GT DDPRO, CSW V2.5, CSL E WB PS4:

    1. Settings in Auto Setup can only be changed by the game, for example to push recommended settings. 
    2. While in Auto Setup the user can only view the settings, but not change them. 
    3. If the settings aren't set by the game, the factory default will be used."

  • Hi, Dominic. Any improvement for MPS on the next gen upgrade on Feb 2022?

    I want to use full functions of MPS on my McLaren GT3 V2 and assign each positions to TCS or ABS.

  • Hi !

    with gt dd pro, it’s the same setting with boost kit ?


  • With the next gen update being released today, what settings do you recommend? Just tried it with my CSL Elite and the overal FFB strength seems to be lower than on the PS4 version of the game.

    1-to-1 steering ratio seems to be fixed though. Just ran SEN on Auto and in-game both on 720 and 1080 settings and in both cases, the on screen rotation matched that of my base. Tried it with multiple cars just to be sure.

  • Good question, do we have to enable always the Compatibility Purple mode on the wheel? BTW, I have a new GT DD PRO.

    I've downloaded the new PS5 version today but due to work I'll play only during this weekend. I am curious too about the FF settings.

  • I’m still on old firmware (684) as I don’t have a Windows PC at home to update. I’ll try to borrow one and see if the newer firmware changes anything.

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    Also experiencing weak/vague FF compared to what I was expecting from the settings in the original post. Using a DD Pro with latest firmware in Compatibility Mode.

  • For ACC (Asseto Corsa Competizione) is no compatiblity mode necessary, it‘s only necessary for AC (Assetto Corsa).

    FF is sometime weak, I can confirm. Depends on which track I drive, or on what surface. In Spa I have track sections with nearly no feedback, either on curbes. I guess it‘s not the wheelbase settings ( I use a DD1 PS4, with CS v3 Pedals, seq. shifter & handbrake), it‘s the game itself. Think wie have to wait for a patch and hope they fix the glitches.

  • It feels like there is an extremely wide FFB deadzone with the DD Pro, very unsatisfying to drive currently. It feels much better on my PC but I prefer the ease of using a console…

  • Can someone share the recommended settings for GT DD Pro in PlayStation Mode - Blue LED ?

  • I have emailed fanatec asking for this (PS5) but last night found that using compatibility mode gave much more detail but the feedback is weaker.

  • what settings are you using in compatibility mode ??

    thanks, tried pc settings in blue mode on my ps5, not sure I like them, plus is all the colored buttons on the gt dd work in blue mode

  • Buongiorno potreste mettere i Settaggi di ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE per PLAYSTATION 5 per DD PRO e PODIUM? ovviamente in modalità PS5(blu) non compatibilità PS4/5 (purple)

    dal momento che ormai è più di 2 mesi che è uscita la versione del gioco esclusiva per PS5 e non sono stati aggiornati nessun setting!!!


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    Buongiorno niente ancora? Anch'io sto cercando le impostazioni PS5 con gt dd pro su ACC. Il force feedback è veramente troppo alto con quelle impostazioni consigliate. Il volante, È TROPPO DURO, e mi da degli strattoni incredibili alle braccia, oscilla troppo da solo, anche in rettilineo. Tanta zona morta in curva.

    Qalcuno che posta i suoi settaggi? Grazie

  • Hello colleagues, 

    What settings do you use for PS5 ACC? The same as PS4? 

    The purple LED or the blue one? 

    FANATEC guys, can you post the correct settings for PS5 and which LED to use? 

    Thank you very much. 

  • Hello,
    for PS5 and update 1.8 what settings would be correct for GT DD PRO 8Nm and what Led? blue or purple?
    The feeling of the steering wheel has changed a lot with 1.8

  • (PS5) Is there new recommended settings for CSL DD(Pro) now with these new physics?

  • Just thought I’d share my settings for DD1 on PS5

    Tuning Menu Settings:

    • SEN 1080
    • FF 56
    • FFS Peak
    • NDP 18
    • NFR 3
    • NIN 6
    • INT 4
    • FEI 70
    • FOR 100
    • SPR 0
    • DPR 50
    • BLI User Preference
    • BRF User Preference

    In-Game Settings:

    • Steer lock: 1080
    • Gain: 60
    • Min Force: 0
    • Dynamic Damping: 50
    • Road Effects: 0

    Keep in mind I’m using a V2.5 Wheel and you may want to increase the FFB Strength using a larger diameter wheel

  • Why 1080 for SEN? Aren't GT cars in the 500's?

    Question to everyone you have to change the steering lock on the base and in game?

  • I’ve copied these and adjust from Maurice’s on my PC.

    It’s as close as it can be converted on PS5.

    Also lower steering rates don’t allow for finer adjustments when turning the wheel. You’ll end up steering too much or too little into and out of corners.

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