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  • I tried it in PC mode and lefft the new setting ''damping'' on 0 as it was with the default+ preset and changed the rest to the old compatibility mode recommended settings...

    Didn't expect to feel any difference but now it feels way cleaner?

    Might be the tweaks they made aswell on the new update with ''limiting the fanatec rumble rate'' but man does it feel good right now!

  • For some reason my CSL DD doenst respond anymore in AM2. It works fine in Fanalab and iRacing but suddenly in AM2 not anymore. It does list the wheel in the settings but nothing when I calibrate. Doesnt matter if I switch between CSW & DD mode. All this happened after disconnecting all cables from the PC to move. So weird

  • As I read in another post to switch USB ports I tried it out and it worked!!! For a shot moment!!!! Once I got it working with PC mode and CSL DD selected I calibrated the pedals, then moved to calibrating the wheel and it couldnt see the device again....

  • Do both the wheelbase and wheel show up correctly in the Fanatec control panel?

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    new gt dd pro, trying to get the settings for this working.

    how do i get the buttons on the wheel to get recognized ?? what wheel selection , and pc or compatibility pc ?? combined or single pedal ??

    I have followed the settings, but struggling with buttons working.

    thank you for your time.

  • You'll want compatibility mode (yellow on my CSL DD, not sure what color it is on the GT DD). Just set it to that, choose Separate Pedals, go through and bind all your buttons, and there should be no issues.

  • Neither me. GT DD Pro and colour buttons not working in AMS

  • Good day AMS2 Lovers! Would anyone take a crack at revamping the settings in the first post since v1.4 came out?

    Or perhaps note which values should be affected (+/-) so we can play with the settings in the 1st post reguardless of base we own.

    (if that make sense)

    Much obliged,


  • Gotta say AMS2 has the worst FFB in any sim game ive ever played. Tried these settings and nope game still feels like its driving on ice. Messed with other and nope still the same. Terrible game

  • Actually, when using a good FFB Custom file with proper Tuning Menu settings AMS2 has the BEST FFB on the market.

  • I think it's pretty damn good with the out-of-the-box FFB file and the settings listed here, but what do I know? To each his own. 🤷‍♂️

  • What is a good custom file overal? And were can you find it? And how do you install it?

  • As it stands for me, i use the recommended settings provided in this original post + damping in-game at 0, and on PC mode for my CSL DD. Everything works perfectly and feels great, especially with the v 1.4.8 release candidate and the new IR18 / Formula USA card they included!

  • With the release canditate they changed the physics. Is there a better ffb setting? I use the custom ffb setting from daniel kart v70 for my csl dd 8nm

  • It's unclear to me, with Podium DD1, to what should we set in-game Damping?

  • Hi Maurice do I use zero damping in game also with a cls dd 8nm? I use the danielkart v70 file

    now i have damping in game on 30. Is that correct?

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    I have customized the FFB of AM2 for myself via the costum file. For this I have downloaded a ready file directly from the reiza forum. 

    What bothered me very much with the original FFB, are first of all the senseless engine vibrations in the steering wheel. They have totally annoyed me.

    The file I use but was then too boring for me, because there were no more road effects at all. 

    That's why I then worked myself into the file a bit and have now set up the FFB so that you could compare it with ACC. It was important to me to remember the bumps in the road and the kerbs, as well as the feeling of the g forces acting on you. 

    I have adapted it to my CSW 2.5 in conjunction with my Porsche 918 steering wheel.


    Unfortunately I can not upload the file :( and also not post the content.

    Download a Costum File from:

    Automobilista 2 Custom Force Feedback - Overview & Recommendations | Reiza Studios Forum


    I Edit this Parts in File:

    Line 88 (master_effects        0.00) #Effects scale (engine, scrub, tear and flatspot).

    Line 204 (kerbs_surface_smooth     0.08)  0.04 #How much smooth the kerbs_surface.

    In Game FFB Settings:

    Gain 35

    LFB 5

    FX 43

  • OK. The new update 1.5 for this game is pretty dang good. Any chance we can get some official recommended settings soon?

    I have the game feeling pretty good already, but I often find the Fanatec Recommended a good place to start.

    It's pretty much a whole new game now.

  • I don't think any more "official" settings will be coming. Fanatec tend to only issue them once when a game is launched, and they only tend to be updated when Fanatec themselves release new hardware (such as the CSL/GT DD Pro).

    I think the best we can hope for are updated Fanalab profiles from Maurice, but that doesn't do owners of non-DD1-or-DD2's (like myself) any good as far as FFB settings. I think he uses a custom FFB file for this game anyway, which I also do not.

    I was mostly using recommended settings on my CSL DD prior to the latest game update, and thought it felt pretty good. I installed the adrenaline pack last night, and my initial impressions were that the dirt sections felt a bit too smooth and lacking detail compared to the tarmac areas (basically the opposite problem that plagues DR 2.0!) I found that the rallycross stuff felt better overall if I turned off NDP and dropped INT down to 1.

    Other than the dirt stuff though, I haven't done much of anything since the cars have all been given the revamped tire/suspension model, so I'm guessing that, like you, I'll want to tweak some settings too.

  • Yup :( I think you're right.

    I am on DD1 and used a similar setup for GT3 as what you are using for Rally, INT down to 1 Damper off ingame and on the wheel and FFB up to 50. To be honest. The GT3 Is so good it's hard to get your settings wrong I think. :)

    But when I loaded German Group A i was nearly murdered by my wheel settings so I had to turn Damper back up and FFB down. Still tinkering, but it's super fun now.

    And for Rally... Well the Settings I tweaked for German Group A nearly murdered me once again, but I have only done one test track so I have a lot to tinker with still.

    I am however using multiple profiles not in Fanalab for the first time. It's pretty nice. And i am so far really happy with the AMS2 updates. Its so nice to run against Ai with your friends and not have to make seperate servers or pay fees or whatever. I just hope I can get some settings nailed down.

  • Are those recommended FFB settings still any good for CSL DD ?

  • but why is mod compatibility (yellow LED) always recommended and PC mode is never used? I honestly have never tried the PC mod but what could change? thanks bye

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    Hi Maurice, may I ask you which custom FFB file did you use/would you prefer, and what settings to use together with that costom FFB file? I wanna test that nice game on my ddPro ;) thanks in advance and have a nice day...

    okay got it, your profiles are only for the new CS DD+ (who will arrive hopefully sometime next week) and the Podium DD. For now I got my DDPro and I think these profiles arent for my actual base ;) But I saw you are using the customFFB file from KuKu, would you recommend to use that customFFB file with my DDPro or should I use the unmodified one from (can we use the KuKu´s customFFB file out of the box with fanatec bases?)

  • Qualche consiglio per queste impostazioni?? Dopo L ultimo aggiornamento

  • Hello Gentlemen, maybe one of you has READY and proven settings for the CS DD basics?

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