Issue discussion: a pin in the Quick Release of a CSW rim has broken off

Problem description:
After removing a rim from the CSW Base, a pin is found to be broken off and stuck in the QR connector on the base. See pictures below for an extreme example, usually only one pin is broken.

image image

Possible causes and solutions:
A pin breaking off can be caused by rough handling when installing or removing a rim, or by significant mechanical play of the rim QR, so that FFB forces cause movement of the rim QR on.

If a rim has some mechanical play when attached to the base (you can check this by trying to wiggle the rim from side to side, if the QR fits well then this is hardly possible and you'll only feel some flexing, you don't feel it shifting on the base), it is recommended to use the supplied rim fixation screw to fix the rim on the QR.


Fixing a broken pin
Fixing a broken pin is not recommended, you should contact Fanatec Support for a rim QR replacement.

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