Issue discussion: unstable brake signal

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Problem description:
The signal of the brake pedal is unstable, either when pressed or not pressed down. Often it won't go down to zero signal when released.

Possibles causes and solutions:
1) Broken load cell.
The electrical contact of the wires could be bad, which can be tested by carefully wiggling the wires coming out of the load cell. If that changes the output signal of the brake, the load cell is broken. Sometimes this can be fixed by applying a good amount of hot glue to fix the wires in position, see picture. If that does not help, the load cell needs to be replaced.


2) Main PCBA problem.
If the load cell seems to be OK according the test described under point 1), it may be that there is a problem with the connection to the main PCBA.
First, try and disconnect and re-seat the brake pedal connector to make sure that it's not a bad electrical contact. If that does not help, the main PCBA may need replacement and you'll need to contact Fanatec Support.

3) Potmeter or potmeter PCB issue.
When the load cell seems OK, make sure that it doesn't have a connection issue on the potmeter PCB by disconnecting and re-seating the connectors on the PCB.


In rare cases, the brake potmeter or potmeter PCB is faulty and needs replacing. To diagnose this, the pedals will probably have to be sent to a Fanatec repair agent.
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