First time user with 2.5WB, V3pedals, Podium hub, Porsche rim

First time using Fanatec WB2.5, Porsche wheel, Podium hub, V3 CS pedals. All installed and working. In Fanatec wheel program I centered the wheel.

With Fanalab prog went into ACC/practice/beginner. Steering was working. Went to options/controls, looking around. Clicked on 'steering wheel' and the 3 small blue dots in that box turned red. Clicked on it again and turned blue with one dot in the 'wheel' window.

Back into ACC, and now the steering wheel does not turn at all.... Help, please.


  • Hi, this is an issue in ACC,

    When you went in and clicked on that box, it's telling ACC you want to re-assign the input.

    Do that same thing again, but then turn the wheel, and it should pick up that you want the movement of the wheel mapped to that.

    If for some reason after you do it, the steering is reversed, ACC also has a reversed/inverted option for each control.

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