Issue discussion: wheel loses center

Problem description:
After the wheel center position has been set/calibrated properly, when playing a race game the center position of the wheel is lost and usually moves further and further away to one side. Checking the wheel center position in the Fanatec Wheel Properties Page also shows that the wheel is off-center. Re-setting the center position only helps temporarily.
The problem can often be reproduced in the Fanatec Wheel Properties Page by turning the wheel a number of times to the extreme positions, or moving it back and forth a few times on one side of the center position (sometimes the decentering is 'reset' when moving the wheel past the center position).

Checking/reproducing the issue in the Fanatec Wheel Properties Page is important, to distinguish it from an issue in the game, or from (virtual) car damage.

Possible causes and solutions:
1) Dirty codewheel.
Over time, dirt or grease can accumulate in the codewheel that is used to measure the wheel's position. Cleaning the wheel with pressurized air or taking it out and cleaning it out with water and soap usually solves the problem. In rare cases, the codewheel is damaged and needs replacement.
To clean the codewheel yourself needs to be discussed with Fanatec Support to prevent warranty issues.

2) Broken codewheel sensor.
If the codewheel seems OK, then the most probable cause of the problem is a broken codewheel sensor. You'll have to contact Fanatec Support for this.

3) Broken steering wheel axle.
In rare cases it was found that decentering problems were caused by the steering axle having broken. This can usually be diagnosed by turning the wheel to the end stop position with the wheel off, and verifying whether the wheel really stops there or that it can still be turned further with a rather spongy feeling during turning. Often this will only happen in one direction, while the other direction is fine.

If the axle is broken, the wheel needs to be replaced.
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