DD2 Failed delivery - Sender requested we hold this package

I'm not sure who's'to blame here, UPS or Fanatec, but I am still waiting on delivery of my DD2.

Fanatec sent promptly and I quickly got confirmation that it would be delivered Friday last week. - I took a day off work to receive it.

Then UPS screwed up and it was mis-sorted so delivery was delayed to today. Rather than take another day off I contacted UPS to have it sent to an access point so I could collect after work.

All was looking fine until an hour ago when I got a message from UPS telling me that the sender (Fanatec) has requested that UPS hold the package and do not deliver.

If Fanatec did do this - why?

Of course it could be a UPS mistake but I have spoken to them and they are adamant that Fanatec have told them to hold the package and not deliver to the access point.

So how the hell do I get the package?? Of course Fanatec do not answer the phone...


  • Update - UPS were to blame. After the tracking telling me that the seller had put a hold on the package today, then UPS confirming that this was the case I phoned UPS again when I go home to see if there was any update. This time I was told to ignore that message - it meant that as I had asked for the item to be delivered to an access point it would be delayed by one more day; don't know why they claimed that it was down to the seller but anyway! Then five minutes later I got a text to say it had been delivered. Pretty shambolic on UPS's part but Fanatec were blameless.

    I have a wheel coming on Wednesday so hopefully this delivery will be less shambolic.

  • Yeah, also got bad experiences with then whilst using ebay. They cannot follow simple instructions and lost me a package. Ebay refunded me as they acknowledged their errors.

    Hopefully I will receive my fanatec gear without the same issues as you described as I also requested to be dropped off on a collection point and now I see a yellow warning triangle on my tracking.

    Good luck, you will need it with those guys

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