Fanalab App for Xbox / PlayStation

I use my equipment from Fanatec only in Xbox One and would like to know if there are any plans to release the Fanalab software on consoles?


  • It is impossible to run these kind of software on a console, so no this will never happen.

  • I do not fully understand your argument.

    I own headphones from Astro Gaming which you can configure in every detail on the PC (the software is called Astro Control Center). This control center is now also available on Xbox. Even when there are limitations on the console, it does not mean that it is impossible.

  • FanaLab needs to run all the time in the background to receive the telemetry data from the game. I don't think this is possible on a console and AFAIK there are currently absolutely no plans to bring it to consoles. Full focus is on a stable PC release.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    its possible these types of things could make it to the next generation of consoles, but i doubt it as fanatec likes to have its customers work harder than they do .

    the products will have better functionality in the new generation of consoles, im sure of it as the Scarlett and Ps5 will be more like low end gaming pc. the market has already shifted to less exclusive titles and peripherals to exclusive dlc and stuff.

    Fanatec products are already confirmed for Scarlett, so cheer up?


    hopefully fanatec is thinking about this moving forward and is either ahead of the game or f'ing up still.

  • rakh1rakh1 Member

    Would be awesome if Fanatec could make a 'black box' that you attach to the wheelbase and it can be configured to receive the UDP telemetry that console games such as FM7 and PC2 can emit and use this to drive the lights and ITM. Just saying :)


    [insta: the_gadget_rich]

  • What about making it a smartphone app which would connect to the game via the console?

    I believe there is one that works with PC2 on PS4 to get the telemetry in real time but I can't remember the name of it.

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