Shipping Multiple Items


I have reached out to support and received no response. I ordered a Podium F1 wheel, and the new podium Porsche wheel about a week ago, and paid for expedited shipping. I understand the Porsche is not available yet, but I expected the Podium to ship ASAP, seeing as I paid for expedited shipping. They are both slated to ship on the 16th. I my previous fanatec orders, I know they ship all in separate boxes, so holding onto my $1600 item because the other item wont be ready is quite frankly really pissing me off. And no way to get ahold of ANYONE at the company regarding this, and not having my support inquiries replied to is even more frustrating. How do I get this sorted? I have many fanatec products, but am just really annoyed at how difficult it has been to even get a response out of someone.


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