CSL Elite Pedals with Loadcell - 140€ shipped - EU/UK only.

Selling my CSL Elite Pedals with Loadcell in perfect condition as I just bought a CSP set.

Complete with original double packaging and all accessories that come with them, including the invoice.

Can be shipped assembled in a different box or or dismounted in the original boxes.

Price is 140€ shipped in Western Europe or the UK. I ship with tracking and insurance.

(For Eastern Europe please PM as shipping prices are more expensive.)

As you can see in the Fanatec Marketplace thread I have already sold 5 items here as well as my CSL Elite Wheelbase PS4 last week which I didn't even have to make a post for. Every buyer was very happy with the condition of my items and the fast shipping. They can chime in here if they see this post.

For more info or pictures please PM me.


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