Anyone waiting on Simlab kit

How long, when ordered, etc. Just wanted to know how long the lead times are. Over 3 months for a monitor mount for me.


  • Hi Jim,

    You mean that is not only FANATEC that is delaying that long orders? hahahaha (not that you complained but pun in intended for everyone else 😝 )

    Noticed simlab even through other channels are on and off with availability and must be still swamped with orders.

    How is the back doing? Did you find a comfortable seating position or you just used to it and the back muscles got stronger?

  • Hi Alexandros,

    Yeah Simlab are having huge delays at the moment. 100 days for a basic monitor mount. They're not exactly forthcoming with info either. I just wondered if anyone else was having similar issues.

    My back is getting better now thanks (or more used to sitting for longer stints). But still twinges quite a lot after 40 minutes or so. i just think that actual (cheap) racing seats are perhaps not best for sim racing. I've attached a DIY simshaker kit to it which actually helps a lot by not only giving bumpy road info but also massaging my crumpled spine. I think in hindsight, i should've just bought a simple, comfortable seat.

    How are you getting on? All good on the Sim front?

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    All ok in this part of the worl. Slowly we are getting back to the rythm of "real" car racing and trying to plan for the season ahead.

    Sim racing I am driving in ACC trying to figure out car set up and base set up but still having a blast. ☺️

    I only wish that people would treat as "real" racing and not dive bombing or hit you and end up being penalized for being hit. 😡

  • Haha! Yeah people have no problems crashing virtual supercars. I do find the Belgium and Italian servers to be the least problematic. I only tend to drive at Monza because after the first turn chaos, the pack thins out and people tend to realize were here to race. I tend to write down names of people who are good drivers and those who deliberately crash and avoid races with problem players. Most seem pretty good though. Italians are mega quick!!!

    Can you compare real and virtual racing? I realize that physics and movement are different but does ACC feel "realistic" to you? It's my go-to sim at the moment (well Monza anyway) and feels the best to me. Ferrari 488 in ACC sounds completely awesome!!!

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    Issue is that I cannot go to a proper server because they are SR locked. So in order to get my SR up is to join the random servers with the idiotic dive-bombers pass or crash-out everyone grids.... :(

    ACC comparing to GT Sport for example is much more physics realistic and in game procedures BUT actual set ups from teams are way "OFF" and not workable (test from 2 different teams with Porsche and Bentley that I know) while one of them told me that rFactor is closer in accepting the actual set ups used (haven't got rfactor so haven't tried my self).

    On feeling wise it is very difficult for me to adapt to the sim cause I have no other way to feel the car than the steering wheel, which is very strange to me to adapt since I have been racing almost 35-36 years (started young from karting).

    Having said that I am very eager (when PB is back in town) to pay a visit down the GPX workshop and use their simulator that looks like this.

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