About an order submitted and paid on the 4th of November


I made and paid an order on the 4th of November, and haven't heard anything since.

I've been trying to reach out to Fanatec via the contact forms, phone and email – to no avail. Would love to hear what's the status. Christmas delivery, I reckon, is almost out of question already?

Is there a better way to reach a Fanatec representative?

Ps. I'm a returning customer – absolutely loving my Fanatec gear. Last time there wasn't any problems though. 🤔


  • I've asked Fanatec to look into this. Are you sure that no Fanatec emails ended up in your Spam folder?

  • Thanks for replying to me! 🙂

    I'm quite confident that this is the case. We've been reaching out via both mine and my dad's (his order this time) accounts to double check. And haven't heard anything. Such a weird thing - last time it was a breeze.

  • It looks like that the issue is resolved now. Thanks Remco Van Dijk and others! 🙌

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