V3 Damper Kit mechanical play

edited July 2020 in Pedals

I ordered the damper kit and installed it and there's a bit of mechanical play with is very annoying. I've put it on my throttle pedal but the first millimeters of pressing the pedal just feels horrible with it installed.

I'm not sure if I received a faulty product or if this is 'normal'. Without the damper kit installed the pedals are just smooth.

Is there maybe something I can do to tune this out? I've double-checked that it's correctly installed.

To give you sort of an idea what it feels like, it's as if not tuning out the mechanical play in the brake pedal by turning the big red bolt.


  • In the instructions, I believe they instruct you to adjust the piston by rotating the assembly to put some backwards pressure on the pedal, then back off a bit, I suspect you could fine tune this by loading the piston forward or back to your liking.

  • I tried that, but doesn't fix the issue. I've tried doing it the way they said, by rotating it until it starts pulling on the pedal and then rotate it back 180 degrees, tried pulling the pedal further back and tried not pulling the pedal at all but the issue remains.

  • Set it betwin 1 and 2. Play a little more with it rotate 160 degree or less. I experience someting simillar when i first intall mine and now my pedall trow is ok all the way down.

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