Wheel lag / freeze

Hi, I'm experiencing a major issue for quite a while now.

It is worst with f1 2019. But noticed in other games as well. Even in the wheel property page I noticed a lag / freeze when turning the wheel, though not as severe as in-game.

So, when I turn into a corner the wheel (in-game!) stops rotating at some (random) point.. Sometimes for a second or so, sometimes for half a minute. Sometimes I need to shut down the wheel for it to stop staying 'stuck'.

It does not matter what I do from this moment on e.g. how much I turn the wheel.

I tried turning down the grafics quality, vsync, installed latest drivers (gfx), latest as well as older drivers and firmware for the wheelbase and wheel. Windows game mode on and off. However rediculous solutions I could find in the www. But now I'm out of ideas.

Hope some of you guys can help me.



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