Missing Item From Order - No Response From Fanatec

Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue...

So I placed an order for various Fanatec gear, all of which was promptly dispatched and received quickly from the order date. When everything arrived the only thing missing from the order was the Clubsport USB Adaptor, no problem I'll message Customer Support...

So I've been waiting over a week now for a response and still nothing other than the original email confirmation to say they had received my message. To have to wait for over a week for a simple response for a missing item seems like bad customer service to me, regardless of the current climate.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with missing items or no response from Customer Support?


  • I guess you double-checked your Spam inbox for messages?

    I'll try and nudge Dominic to have a look at this.

  • Yeah I've been OCD checking my spam and mail box for an email everyday. I've also sent another email this morning.

    That'd be great, how do I get in touch with Dominic?

  • Im experiencing the exact same thing right now. My order (~$3450) was sent with everything but the DD2 wheelbase (~$1500) and the button caps and sticker set and I am unable to get a response via email or phone. I would love to be able to be put into contact with someone who can assist me because I am unable communicate my problem to anyone.

  • So...I guess my problem , with them not writing my name correctly on the invoice , s actually not that bad compared to what you guys are experiencing...Oh and I got an answer , a couple of them in fact , where they would tell me , in a condescending way , that it was my fault.

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