Should I DOWNGRADE from v3 to CSL LC... seriously ?

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So I did buy my first LC pedals first time month ago. obviously i did buy v3 and not CSL LC as they seem to be much better. And this was my first time using LC brakes and i did not have any experience with it. After 4 week i did almost everything you could mod this LC, i adjust preload, test various of BRK sets, BRF setting, everything and i just cant make consistent trail brakings. For me biggest issues is there is not progression when on brakes as i dont "feel" where my pressure is, and i miss some smooth when i start to release the brake pressure as it feel very grinding.

I play only F1 games and as you guys know how difficult and important it is to get 100% right trial braking.

So i have watched other esport drivers who is almost all using CSL LC and those guys brake work is very good and very smooth when trial braking. So should i just go to CSL LC as my biggest issue with v3 is that i really dont know how LC brake should work and there is lot of adjustable part in v3. And CSL LC brake is mostly fix and probably give me more easier way to get use to load cell. I wish I would choose CSL LC over v3.

What you guys think?


  • IMO i have tried both pedal setups and see a far superior design in the hall sensors and what not of the v3's, reading your post i see you expect alot out of your setup when seat time is the biggest key, just as IRL drivers jumping in cars or rigs seat time is key. To me you need to set a baseline for your gear and adjust to your liking, if that means converting back to out of box do it. Your never going to jump in a car or setup and expect it to adjust to your style. Also the v3's i used which had no extra damper felt almost the same as the CSL LC just more sturdy feel on the v3's

  • the brake pedal on the csl is much better than the v3's, but literally everything else is better on the v3's, it's a shame the v3 brake is so bad compared to the cheaper pedals

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