Compatibility AMS - Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base PlayStation 4

edited July 2020 in Automobilista

Hi, I have the following issue: I want to use my Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base PlayStation 4 with the McLaren GT3 to play Automobilista. Although the sim identifies the Wheel Base on Joy1, it will not let me configure the settings manually. There are no settings I could import for this wheel and after searching on the internet I have not found any solution.

The firmware I use is as follows:

PC driver: 328

Wheel Base Firmware: 641

Wheel Base Motor Firmware: 22

Steering Wheel Firmware: 30

Does anyone else here use the same Fanatec wheel base and has managed to play AMS with that wheel? I would be glad if somebody could help me with the settings.

Thanks in advance for any feedback for this issue.


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