Just received V3 pedals and it conflicts with my G25 steering wheel.

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Hello people.

Today, I just received package with the V3 pedals. Everything seemed to be OK - driver install, everthing...

Then I run the ACC game, everything looks nice in menu. No problem so far. But then I go on track, from the start everything works like a charm, but after certain time (random... sometimes couple seconds, some other time 1 lap maybe), my steering wheel (+shifter also) is off..... NO IMPUT. Wheel gets stuck in position and nothing works, no buttons, no shifter, no wheel... Only pedals remain working properly...


I tried to check windows, drivers, even things like "power manegement" - to be sure the "Allow windows to unplug/swith off this device to save power" (or how is it...) is uncheck.

I really don't understand this.

I repeat in short: everything works together perfect, until the random moment when my wheel and shifter gets killed.

Any advice? Thanks a lot!!!

(yeah... and I tried also the older, Assetto Corsa, and it does the same... alfter random short time, the wheel is off... :(


  • hmm, that sure seems strange, and I assume you're using the USB connection from the V3 pedals right?

  • Hey Jack...

    Yes, of course. All connected via USB.

    The thing is - my pedals on my G25 got broken like year ago. Potentiometers had too much wear and got broken and I could not find new pots to replace it. But the wheel always worked well... So now, I finally bought new pedals with some savings I had.

    Pedals are Fanatec V3, connected separately via USB. And then I have the G25 wheel with connected shifter (with no pedals connected to wheel, that port remains empty).

    I feel like that the "wheel kill procedure" happens every time when certain FFB power is in use... - some braking on kerbs or situations like this.

    I have 2 theories:

    Theory a) - these new V3 pedals have the "vibrating throttle and brake" function... Could it happen that there is some mishmash problem in FFB distribution and thus my wheel gets "stuck"....? Unfortunately, there is no option how to switch off this function. I can just test it in drivers controller and of course, it works.

    Theory b) - Maybe my wheel is slowly dying too... like my pedals did year ago. I mean, now my wheel was sleeping for 1 year. Who knows if the power adapter cable is still perfect. I place / remove the wheel from the table every time I play sims... so I have to manage all the cables every time..

    I mean - I try to be nice with the hardware (well... the G25 I have already like for 10 years or soo.. :) .. but to the point - would it be possible that when the wheel is shaking a lot with some FFB powers on, it interrupts the power juice somehow...? Well.... but I guess in that moment, wheel would keep going on just without FFB effects..(???) But in my case, the wheel gets really stuck (in game), blocked, dead, nothing works - usually in the middle of turn with 60degree wheel position. So I drive directly to the wall. :(

    Shiiieeet. Well..., I don't wanna blame Fanatec. It looks like these mew pedals work perfectly.

    It's like my computer giving me only little "preview", trailers... like: "This is what you could have"..., but after 1 minute - BAM. Finished.

    Oh... mine... new savings? For new Fanatec base+wheel...? Like if I did not have enough with this C19 all around.. :)

  • Maybe just to add: In the past, when playing Assetto Corsa, I used this LUT - linear steering, Wheel check.... and other tweaks of FFB.

    So I waas thinking if this could cause my troubles. But in last days, I tried everything. Re-install of drivers, going back to default... re-calibration.

    None of these helped to solve the problem. It does the same. Sometimes, it lets me drive like 3 laps, so I already feel like "hurrraaayyy" but than, .... well, stuck again. So I can just go practice alone and pray for 1 hot lap... Definitely can't go racing AI or even Online with this crap going on.

  • I'd suggest mapping throttle and break to your shifter paddles on the G25, and remove the fanatic brakes from the system.

    Drive enough laps to where you're comfortable that the G25 is fine by itself...

    If you are crashing, even without the pedals, it could help narrow the focus of your research.

  • Just tried this but unfortunately, it is not possible to do. Both AC and ACC game, when you select wheel control method, it only accepts analog axis, I could not map paddle or any other button/key as throttle / brake. I can switch to keyboard control, but in that case, I cannot map wheel for steering.

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    Still the same... :( Probably my G25 is - somehow - broken too. What I cannot understand is that it works for some unspecific period of time (usually between 20sec - 2 minutes) and than it just dies.

    (EDIT: Yes... and I realized that the error always happens in right turn. Never in left.)

    Well.. I have tried all what I could. So no racing for now. More money saving. Another 910Euro for wheel base + wheel.

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