My new gorgeous V3 pedals... BUT....

So i got my new setup yesterday and today i was going to change the throttle pedal, first bolt came out with a little pressure but the bottom screw is in so tight that it will not move... For that kind of money i was expecting something with a little bit more care in the making... Anybody else have this problem??? I really hate the BMW throttle pedal..


  • I had a similar problem with a grub screw on a wheel base table clamp. The thing was in so tight the supplied allen key rounded off. Luckily I had a good quality Wiha hex driver to hand and that got it out without too much trouble.

  • I got mine last week and was planning to use the D shaped pedals but i'm afraid of rounding the heads because they are too tight. Did they get tightened with an impact wrench?

  • I thought I read that they are put on with an adhesive to keep them in place, and that a bit of heat has helped others get the bolts free.

  • Thank you Sir....

    I will try a bit of heat later today and will post the results.. I had thought of loctite, they must have used a whole tube on this bolt....

    Or as Joe says, impact wrench...!!!

    Shameful that they do this when we are paying big money and i am not the only one... This needs to change Fanatec..!!!!

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    I have the same with the three screws that hold the baseplate. The are aluminium screws and aluminium is a soft metal so they damage easily. I got two loose and managed to 'screw up' the third one (pun intended). Contacted Fanatec support and they sent me three new screws. Again aluminium.

    I also wanted to flip the handle on my Handbrake. Same problem. I can get the nuts loose but the bolts are soo tight I could not get them off. I will use a hairdryer to heat them up. If they used lock'tight' that may do the trick.

  • Ok guys...

    I had another look at the pedals... Damn we are On the backside of the bolts are nuts, size 10, loosen them and then go hide your red face just like i did....


    Yes mate that is part of the problem as well, there is no need for them to tighten everything like they do, it isnt like they are fitted into a real race car... But i am happy now i got rid of that stupid BMW throttle...

    Thnx for all the replies guys and i hope i have helped a few out as well..

  • I have the same problem with the one of the red screws being stuck and ending up stripping the head. I contacted support and they were not generous enough to send me replacement screws as they replied.......

    Thank you for your email.

    We generally are only allowed to offer a spare part in order to solve an existing defect with a product. 

    In case you believe there is a problem with your product please conctact our technical support team:

     - via telephone (0049 871 9221 299) Monday till Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (CET + 1)

     - via --> [SUPPORT/FAQ] (at top left corner) and open a [TO SUPPORT] Ticket (I do have a technical question about MY Fanatec product.).

    Please include any information you can provide on the problem.

    Until then, stay safe.

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


    (Fanatec Support Team)

  • Strange... I opened a support ticket for replacement grips for my Formula V2 wheel. As I was communicating with support I also asked for new screws. I got them for free but on a different ticket. You should open a support ticket for your V3 pedals. They are broken because you cannot remove the baseplate. Send them a picture of the damaged screw...

  • Same story here, received my new brand V3 pedals, went for hard mounting and two out of the three red screws of the plate have worn out.

    Those screws are too soft.

    They should warn us, because they dont supply any allen key for those screws.

    I hope to get a solution from them

    Rafael Ortiz

  • Just to add on this thread too - I have had the same issue - 1st screw came out OK, 2nd was a bit tougher but managed to get it out (albeit slightly stripped), and the third has now completely stripped. I'm really lost as I don't have access to proper tools to remove the stripped screw / plus I don't want to risk damaging the footplate. However, without removing it it's going to be very difficult if not impossible for me to mount it properly on my rig.

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