CSL ELITE loadcell kit

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Hi all,

Quick question for the CSL Elite LC kit.

When trying different KG resistance through the elastomer spring, noticed the movement of the sponge ring in the middle, not working. What I mean by not working, it gives a dead pedal feeling for this 2 centimetre of travel and then you have to go hard on the pedal. So it kills the initial force and then you have to go harder on the pedal to reach your peak force which you end up in locking wheels and create flat-spots on tires.

Not even in touring cars is so soft in the beginning not to mention GT and singleseaters.

So the question are: if anyone has removed it, is it safe to replace with a more solid elastomer and which one you guys propose?


  • I used 6x of those 65s for over a year with usage every day more or less and no problems at all. Just contact the support to buy the 6th so they all have the same "firmness" but it will also work by using one of those others you got with it until you get your 6th 65 for example.

  • Thanks Daniel.

    Mix and match for example all 95's and the foam to be replaced by a 65 is no go?

    Was thinking that solution, because in the manual it was saying that the soft yellow spring is required so maybe a softer elastomer is required in that position is a must. 🙄

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    I wouldnt use 5x 95s and one softer. I reckon you want the "6th" to be more firm than the others so you dont push too hard and break the weakest.

    I dont remember if the other was 85 (?), but try using 5x 85s and one 95 for starters.

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  • Thanks man. 🙃

  • And I have 95/85's without that sponge foam. Have been using years like that w/out problems, no elastomer breakages etc. Pedal press downward only maybe 15mm or so and I like how it feel. Good workout for leg too :)

  • Hi Rami,

    What is the combination you are using? how many 95's and 85's and how you positioned them?

    For the force I don't have an issue cause I am used from radical's and TCR's with the left foot braking. I must be pressing hard anyway cause I have already broken some elastomers and deformed 2 others, which meant that I had to fix the minimum in the driver cause the pedal was showing compressed a bit after an endurance race with my foot of the pedal (and had a small/tiny play enough to show that the was a tiny amount of brake applied). 😇

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