Project Cars 2 on PC - Worth persisting or is it just broken (CSW v2.5)

Will KrussWill Kruss Member
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Hi All,

I have a CSW v2.5 and it works great on Assetto Corsa or F1 2020, but Project Cars 2 is just horrible. I've tried the settings mentioned on this discussion board, plus the ones provided for DD, and it's still either a floaty mess, or a shaking undriveable disaster.

Is it possible to play this game on PC with the CSW v2.5 with half decent driveability or am I really just wasting my time?

Secondly, has anyone tried NFS Heat with Fanatec? Looking for something fun my kids can play without being profile locked like ACC (can't have them destroying my rating after all).




  • CSW 2.5 works fine with PCars2 and AMS2 on my end, so it must be something else on your machine. Do you have any kind of controller connected additional to the CSW? I have a Spacepilot Pro 3D mouse connected and it's "gaming driver" gave me lot's of trouble with racing sims and my CSW. After i disabled it everything was working perfectly.

  • Robert SimmsRobert Simms Member
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    Yeah, I got my CSW last week and the recommended settings should not be recommended. Try FEI 20 and FOR 50. Ingame Volume 37/38 and FX 11. It's a start.

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