Order No.: 1029593


Today I received an order. Order No .: 1029593

But the order does not have this article CSL_E_WB_V1.1_CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1.

In support, I wrote as usual SILENCE


  • But, received this item. This is not my order.

  • Everybody ought to check their order #. Whoever has order #1029593, your package won't be getting to you any time soon.

  • How will not be delivered?

    I paid for my order in full, it is not my problem that not all were sent to me

  • Question resolved. Today received.

    No response was received from support.

  • Reading these accounts is very disheartening. This company seems to be digging its own grave when it comes to customer service and customer support. For anyone who has tried to contact 8200 Wilshire blvd. suite 200, you would probably suspect this is just an empty office leased for taxation purposes. (Reading their google reviews should have deterred me.)

    A lot of their more serious problems can be traced back to poor senior management. I am certain that after my Fanatec hardware fails after warranty expiration, I will not be returning to them as a repeat customer. Until then, I’m completely at their mercy for slow support and questionable customer service.

    This company has an obligation to provide credit monitoring service when their systems are breached particularly when they are entrusted with personal and private data. What’s to say that the breach was not an inside job or that the data was sold by someone on the inside? Most companies that face these types of challenges would act a lot more prudently than attempt a brush off.

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