Order 1121130 - tracking Number?


I dont know now to contact Fanatec customer service. I just would like the tracking Number for my order 1121130, since last time I never received an email (though I received the goods). I would like to have the UPS tracking code this time.



  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Matteo,

    If you have a question about your order, you select 'Contact' in the top left of the main website, then select 'I have a question about my order'. This takes you to some common questions, and if these do not provide the answer you're looking for, the link to the contact form is at the bottom of that list.

    The sales team might be able to give you tracking information if the systems have already synchronised (but this should be the same time you receive the tracking info email), but bear in mind that it is taking several working days to respond to sales enquiries at the moment, so the item might be delivered before the sales team can respond to you.

    Tracking synchronisation is being delayed in general at the moment. This is out of our control, it is up to UPS to provide this information. Also please check your spam folder. This email is automated and can often be caught by spam filters.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Please be aware that UPS tracking is one of the worst tracking systems implemented by any carrier. I have to receive/send parcels regularly via UPS and it is complete pot luck as to when they'll arrive. I get on very well with the driver but we both lament the poor state of UPS tracking.

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